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I love this song! With the distinct tinge with Soft Call and New Order meant that I was able to connect with the music, then add on the relatable lyrics you have one hell of a song. The music video reveals at the end that the search that we all make in our lives is actually for ourselves. Brilliant! 

Maneuver Maneuver is a dark synth pop duo from Budapest, Hungary that launched its career in 2018 with a video for Locked Out along with their self-titled debut EP .

The members; Tonyo and Máté are both experienced musicians. Tonyo could be known as the frontman of The Moog , one of only a handful of Hungarian bands to reach international recognition. Máté, meanwhile formed half of a hip art pop/lo-fi duo called Dorothy’s Legs .

After joining forces in Maneuver Maneuver the guys decided to mix catchy choruses and pumping disco beats along with “weird” sounds inspired by 80’s, 90’s and 00’s synth based indie acts. The outcome sounds like a musical lovechild of New Order, 2 Unlimited, Soft Cell, Gary Numan, Late Of The Pier and Donna Summer.


Their debut EP features five songs that differ in tempo and vibe, but are kept coherent by the specific sound of Maneuver Maneuver.

The first video for “Locked Out” shows Máté and Tonyo spotting two characters on a rooftop of a building, into which they enter and then get lost. After a continual search it turns out they were searching for themselves. This is revealed only at the video’s end when they again reach the rooftop and look down on the two characters who we see in the beginning. The effects and visual vibe mixes the world of David Lynch, spy movies like Atomic Blonde, and an Eastern European version of tv shows like Miami Vice.








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