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Maris releases ‘Boys’ and has a chat to Jen.

What a worldwind the last year has been for this talented young lady! The harmonies in her single ‘Boys’ are amazing. Great message too! Take a listen below!

The 18 year-old songwriter from Missoula, Montana had her world turned upside down in 2017. This time last year Maris was perusing through the internet when she stumbled on an open-call audition for a hit Youtube series Postmodern Jukebox. Fast forward just 12 months, millions of views, Carnegie Hall performance, and an American Idol TV audition, Maris is no longer a small-town Montana girl with a beautiful voice. Now living in Brooklyn and away from her family for the first time, Maris is letting fans into her world with a revelatory new single “BOYS”. Careless and free on the surface, “BOYS” combines Beatle-esque harmonies, and her unmistakable voice. 



Jen had the chance to ask Montana a few questions about her new single ‘Boys’

I really like how you described your song on Sound cloud. “Here’s a piece of heart, I hope you like it. This is so true, you are releasing something very personal that you have worked on very hard on. Is this what you meant?

– Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. It also means that since music is such an essential part of who I am, anything I create is a piece of me that I’m sharing with the world.

In the email I received about you there was some very positive vibes about how great your voice is. This happens a lot, so I keep my own judgement until I listen. So…. When I heard your voice, I was like ok… that was a correct hype!

Have you always been a natural singer? Any stories of your childhood you can share when you were singing?

-Thank you! I have been singing since before I remember, and I do remember walking around outside of my dad’s house, just singing whatever came to my brain. My oldest sister caught me one day, and she showed me how we could record it on her computer that she had just gotten for college.

As your press release says, you cold-entered a competition to sing on a popular Youtube series Postmodern Jukebox. The rest we could say is history, but can you share a little of the story with us?

-My vocal instructor at the time, Eden Atwood, who is incredibly talented in her own right, had shown me a few PMJ covers. We decided to film me doing, “Creep,” and it kind of took off a little bit. I poured my heart into that performance, and it felt incredible. Then, being able to fly out and meet Scott Bradlee, who is a fucking genius, and then sing with him and his talented musician buds was a dream. I am still so honored that I got to do that.

Auditioning for American Idol must have been nerve racking. Can you explain how you think it was good not to be chosen for your career?

I think that it just wasn’t my path. Brittany is the perfect pop star, so beautiful and talented and I’m just not cut out for that role. I definitely did gain a lot even going through the experience, though.

Through that exposure, I gained some important contacts, and that’s my silver lining. I also learned A TON about reality television. It definitely changed my perspective somewhat.

Can you take us through the writing of Boys? What was going through your mind, any influences etc.

I wrote Boys because I realized that most queer songs are either sad or super sexual. Sometimes both. I wanted a song that was uplifting and soaring as the feeling when you accept yourself and who you love. It also just makes me feel so good when I play it, after I’m done, I’m brimming with positive energy and sweet love.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018? Any links that I can share for you?

Can’t divulge too many details about my plans, but to keep up with all of that, my social medias are a great place to be.

Social Media:


Sorry this is so short and sweet, but I am swamped atm. All the best with your music career!

No worries! Swamped with what you love is a good swamp to be in! Thank you so so much for talking to the little guys like me. It means the world. Best! ❤

You are very welcome!

More info on Maris to read

It all started when Maris cold-entered a competition to sing on a popular Youtube series Postmodern Jukebox. After its founder Scott Bradlee heard Maris‘ voice, he brought her in to sing a version of “Jolene” in May 2017, which would go on to earn over 1 million plays (Watch). 
Still an unknown, Maris experienced her first true brush with internet fame only a few month later in July. While practicing for a local Montana gig, Maris jokingly grabbed a bottle of soy sauce and at the request of her mom recorded a playful cover of Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon”, using the bottle as a microphone. In the morning, the video had over 100K views, 60K shares, and the next day Kikkoman Soy Sauce asked Maris to write a song for their commercial. The viral fame was never something Maris was after, but the video settled at nearly 4M views on Twitter. (Watch)
Later in the summer the producers for the return season of American Idol approached Maris for a chance to audition. Fast forward to November 20th, and Maris was in Los Angeles standing on the ABC stage next to Luke Bryan at the final round of auditions. It was the AMA’s season and Maris took a risk by performing Etta James’ standard “Fool That I Am” completely accapella. Maris did not make it, and can tell you now that it was the best thing that never happened, as she is gearing up to release her original EP LOVELUST in the Spring. (Watch


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