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The Franco’s release ‘Prime’ an Indie Rock masterpiece!

I love this song! The quirky music and those beautiful vocals mix well to form a base for a song with a meaning that everyone can connect to. I have seen 30 and come out the otherside. ‘Prime’ is a must add to a listener of Indie Rock. I mean it!



Almost everyone is afraid of Old Father Time. When it comes to making the most of your roaring twenties and making sure you reach your peak, the FOMO is real! By the time you’re 30 you must have seen all of the world, established your career, found your life partner and acquired currency. This song is about trying to let go of that fear and realising you don’t have to peak at 25.

press-xav-16 copy

The Francos began out of a suburban garage in Wollongong, NSW. They are a three-piece Indie Rock band consisting of Ben Cauduro, Xavier Lardner and Alec Adams.

Written recorded and mixed by Ben Cauduro, Xavier Lardner and Alec Adams at Main Street Studios in Fairy Meadow and One Take Studios in Mt Kembla. Lyrics by Ben Cauduro and Xavier Lardner. Mastered by Xavier Lardner. Logo and artwork by Kara Agostinho.

The group blends sophisticated and interesting songwriting with a tight and captivating live band. In the studio with Xavier Lardner as producer, they create luscious tracks filled with thick vocal harmonies, exciting synth layers, energetic drum and bass parts and a blend of reverb filled clean guitars with harsh distorted lead parts. As a live band, they display an energetic performance with a driving rhythm section led by exciting vocals and beautiful guitar melodies.

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