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Emotion Alert for ‘Baby, I Know It’, Francis Moon’s new single.

If ‘Baby, I Know It’ is an example of what is to come from Francis Moon this year we are in for a treat. I can connect with this song, about being in limbo and how being true to yourself is so important. We only have one life and can’t waste it trying to be someone else. This song is however not just a chance to reflect but it is damn good song. I love the guitars and of course the vocals. I encourage you to hit play!



The Amsterdam-based Swedish indie artist Francis Moon is set to release a new single entitled “Baby, I Know It” on March 3, 2018, via his imprint label Dirty Glasses Records. Since the dreamy album debut “Onwards” in 2016, the album has almost hit a million streams on Spotify which is proof that there is widespread interest in Francis Moon’s fresh approach. The new single is a taste of what can be expected later this year–catchy indie-pop-rock.

“Baby, I Know It” was recorded at Francis’ apartment as a late night session in Amsterdam. The track was written, produced and recorded by himself with a guest appearance by Swedish musician Erik Moberg on guitar.

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