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‘Madness’ is a song just released by When The World Sleeps. Check it out here.

The catchiness of ‘Madness’ caught my attention. The music video interested me further. I love the vocals, Denni Omanovic can certainly use his lungs! A song that stayed in my head for quite a well (in a good way) is a song that I like! Watch below. 



When The World Sleeps is an alternative rock band, formed by frontman Denni Omanovic and guitarist Albin Lyrbo, later joined by bassist Simon Elmlund and drummer Adrian Selmani. Their debut single ‘Hurricane’ dropped early 2018 followed by their second release ‘Madness’, in March. The creation of their unique sound emerges from the combination of both organic and electronic elements – dark, introspective and dreamful lyrics. 

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