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Flagship release ‘The Ladder’ destined to be an Indie Rock anthem!

I was blown away when I heard the vocals of ‘The Ladder’. What a powerful awesome voice! Coupled with the catchy music ‘The Ladder’ SHOULD be a classic. Anyone that has worked hard all their life and has been unable to climb the ladder will connect. Singing this will relieve some stress as it is meant to be sang LOUDLY!  Definitely listen below. 


The irresistible indie-rock duo, Flagship , joins the Village and bring us their powerful track ” The Ladder .” These North Carolina natives have made waves in the indie scene and are bound to continue with their forthcoming EP, The Ladder, out this April. The eponymously named single, ” The Ladder ” is a power-house anthem, setting the scene for what’s in store from this duo.

“The Ladder” is a statement track – a rebel yell about the frustrations of working hard and climbing the ladder to success. Melding classic rock instrumentation with some folk elements, “The Ladder” is an energetic and dynamic song that’s paired with evocative lyrics that leaves you feeling like maybe, just maybe, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


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