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 Indie rockers FRANKIIE release single ‘Glory Me’.

Girl Power! Female Indie Rockers from Canada form FRANKIIE, a powerhouse band. Just released ‘Glory Me’ which showcases their individual talents. This song takes us on a journey of considering why we are here on this earth. Yes, not the first song to do this but I found ‘Glory Me’ to be an unique version of such song. Listen when they all harmonise!  Check it out below.



Vancouver based indie dream-rock outfit FRANKIIE are getting ready to release their debut full length this year and are starting off with single + video “Glory Me“.

After releasing an EP and touring a bit in 2015 the band took time to focus on individual projects – one member started a fashion line, another released a solo EP, one became a school teacher, and the other moved to a small island community to work and surf. It didn’t take long before they reconvened, this time with a renewed excitement and clearer goals for their music. In contrast to their EP Girl of Infinity their album moves away from folkier tendencies and into a more experimental alt-rock vibe.

The new single “Glory Me” is a contemplation of life and death, and like many of the tracks on the upcoming album, it explores the questions of meaning and purpose – feelings that were heavily shadowing their lives before they took time for individual self-discovery.

(Francesca, Nashlyn, Zoe, Samantha)
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