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Pastis release catchy tune ‘Sheepskin Girl’.

‘Sheepskin Girl’ is an example of Indie Rock at it’s best. A contagious tune and great lyrics. Pastis are currently writing for an album due out later this year. Check this offering below.



Pastis is an Indie-rock band based in Helsinki, Finland, taking influence from genres such as  Britpop, Merseybeat and modern Indie-rock.

Pastis started to take shape in late 2016 when two friends from the football terraces, Emil and Markus, picked up their guitars to work on material Emil had been writing.In early 2017, Emil’s long-time friend and ex-band member Henrik, joined in on bass and brought with him guitarist Sakari and drummer Kalle. Pastis, an expressive – and somewhat decadent – rock n’ roll unit was born.

The bands debut EP ‘Four Stories’, released in December 2017, quickly caught the attention of leading Finnish music magazines like Soundi and Rumba, and has been widely praised. Pastis are currently writing and performing around Finland, and an LP is expected in Fall 2018.


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