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Adam Wendler releases ‘Deep Water’.

Adam Wendler’s ‘Deep Water’ is Indie Folk at it’s absolute best. As song as the song starts Adam’s beautiful vocals drew me into the song. The contagious beat of the music caught my attention too. I really like how I can connect to the lyrics and the fact that Adam could have written this song just for me. Definitely take a listen below.  


Canadian Singer-Songwriter Adam Wendler recently released his second album as a solo artist, titled ‘Never Go Unknown’. Produced, engineered and mixed by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios, the album is packed with catchy melodies, soul felt lyrics, soaring vocal harmonies and intricate guitar playing.


After high school, Adam started to pursue his dream and chose music over going to university to study psychology. He decided to travel the world and hopped on a plane to Europe. From there, he ventured throughout several countries, performing on the streets to fund his travels. Adam also travelled to New Zealand, living there for a year where he was able to hone his guitar playing, mastering a unique fingerpicking style that makes him stand out amongst others.

Throughout several years of travelling, Adam would periodically return to his home town in Canada for a couple of months at a time. On one of these occasions he recorded his debut solo album ‘A Forward Moving Motion’ with producer Anthony Strome. He had previously recorded three albums with his band ‘The Fermented Oranges’, but found it was time to break out on his own.

After releasing ‘A Forward Moving Motion’, Adam travelled back to Europe, playing in various venues around Germany in the summer of 2016, promoting his new songs. That summer he also filmed his first official music video for his single ‘The Flame’ with Berlin based film production company mild+zucker.

His extensive travels and experiences provide inspiration for his music compilations. On ‘Never Go Unknown’ Adam has really improved by leaps and bounds, showing his ability to write great songs and display them in a way that is truly pleasing to the ear. Ranging from slow ballads to up-beat dance tracks, there is a song for everyone on this album!


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