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The Pesky Snakes release an absolute gem of a song called ‘Lately’.

I love a good story behind a band. The Pesky Snakes is one of those bands. They met in day care, had a pretend band and then remet late in high school, started up again, this time with real instruments and mature sound and vocals. Great story! ‘Lately’ is a catchy tune with some great lyrics. The concept of explaining to a loved one how exactly we feel towards them is difficult and I love their simple but effective way “I just take her hand and try to make her happy”. The Pesky Snakes are a band to watch. Danny Webster and Ayden Miller are 18 and only just started being the real deal. Not often I hear a band dripping with talent as much as The Pesky Snakes. 



The Pesky Snakes are a Canadian duo from Orillia, Ontario consisting of Danny Webster (Lead Vocals/Bass) and Ayden Miller (Synths/Harmonies). The now 18 year olds met back in daycare where they shared their love for music and pretended to be rock stars in an imaginary band they created called ‘The Pesky Snakes’. After losing touch for many years, they re-united in high school and have been great friends since. Now, the Snakes are back!

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