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Nathan Owen releases Keep it Runnin’,

Keep it Runnin’ by Nathan Owen was originally written to be a party song, a song with no meaning.  It has turned into something else due to Nathan living arrangements going through a change. I was captivated by this song as soon as I heard the vocals. The lyrics spoke to me about keeping my life runnin’. I encourage you to listen and let the song speak to you. 



More info about Nathan Owen

When you think of “post-apocalyptic robo-glam”, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t a sandpaper factory. Yet that is where Nathan Owen first began to build props and design costumes, working at the corner of his father’s industrial enterprise, soon to move out into a film studio of his own. Nathan followed a career track that not only encouraged him to hone his talents as a set designer, but even more so inspired his musical vision. What started as a cinematic rock band à la Muse or Queen became an outlet for the frontman to envelop himself in frenzied building benders, holing up in his studio for weeks to design hyper-imaginative sets for his otherwordly Owenstone music videos. Unfortunate clashes with petty slumlords across L.A. forced Nathan to relocate more than a few times, the constant displacement serving up equal parts dismay and creative fodder for his endless cycle of solitary ideation and creation. His bold sonic palette draws from hues of both film and musical influences, ranging from the dark synths of Blade Runner and S U R V I V E to John Carpenter soundtracks, Ratatat and Tim Burton movies. Although Nathan’s space vaquero belongs in a stadium across the universe (or in a Tesla commercial), he’s touched down in L.A. to perform his eponymous project, live and in-person.

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