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Jeremy and The Harlequins release ‘California Rock’.

Who is ready to ROCK and ROLL! ? As ‘California Rock’ will get you dancing!  Jeremy and The Harlequins have released a true R&R song. Their goal as a band is to bring back the this sound. They have achieved their goal in ‘California Rock’ but I don’t think their plight is over. Listen below and look out for more to come!



More info about Jeremy & the Harlequins

Jeremy & the Harlequins’ main objective with their music is keeping rock n’ roll alive. That’s something the New York five-piece have been doing since forming just a few short years ago, both with their debut album American Dreamer (2015) and its follow-up Into The Night (2016). “It’s ‘California Rock’ from a New York state of mind,” explains vocalist Jeremy Fury. “The song is about my favorite time capsule, Los Angeles. Contrary to New York where a bank or cupcake shop will have replaced a mom and pop shop by the time you finish listening to this track, one thing I’ve come to love about LA is its Groundhog’s Day-like permanence. Prior to moving to New York, I lived in Echo Park and then Downtown LA for almost three years. This tune is reflective tale.

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