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Light the Torch have made quite the chart splash…

10 April 2018 — Light the Torch‘s new album Revival has arrived and has made quite a splash on the charts.

With almost 5,000 units sold first week, it’s a great start for what’s expected to be a big year for the band.

The Los Angeles, CA group — Howard Jones [vocals], Francesco Artusato [guitar], and Ryan Wombacher [bass] — drew from five years together as Devil You Know to forge a wholly distinct path. Amidst myriad struggles, they returned from the brink under a new name.

The Light the Torch lineup boasts one of the most esteemed pedigrees in modern heavy music. Jones spent a decade at the helm of GRAMMY® Award-nominated and gold-selling titans Killswitch Engage. Artusato had much-lauded stint in All Shall Perish and has attained status as a shred virtuoso. Wombacher was a staple in Bleeding Through for well over a decade. For Revival, they are joined by Extinction A.D. drummer Mike “Scuzz” Sciulara behind the kit. The band introduced him via an album trailer, which you can view here.

Check out the exclusive playthrough of “Calm Before the Storm,” which premiered last week via Guitar World.

Watch the official lyric/performance video for “The Safety of Disbelief” here.


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