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EORA release new single ‘Always Belong’.

‘Always Belong’ is beautiful and emotionally charged. Watching the music video takes you on a journey with people who have lost loved ones. Honestly, I could not get through the video without tears in my eyes. Everyone has a different story of heartbreak from losing a loved one too soon and have differing ways of dealing with grief. ‘For everyone there is a day to say goodbye’ is gently sang.

I think the pure talent of the vocalists heightens the emotional response. The flawless harmonies are a delight to the ear. I encourage you to listen to this BEAUTIFUL song here. 



Since the beginning of 2017 EORA, “The Pop poets from Graz” as they were called by “Woman-Das Magazin“ are touring all through Austria performing their debut EP “Fall Stories”.
The five likable Styrians could even reach the charts with their first single “Counting Seashell”.
Their unique mix of tunes that just stick in your ear, rocky guitar-riffs and and poetic lyrics just makes EORA stand out from the masses and just gives you goosebumps when you see them live on stage.

Roland Krottmaier of Red Bull even called EORA “The best three-parted band in Austria as well as the Austrian answer to Mumford&Sons.”

Mario “Poppate” Rossori, music produced and part of the ÖMR (Österrischer Musikrat) also said, “Great, EORA is super!”



By now EORA are no longer unknown in the Austrian music scene anymore.
Until “First Class College”split in 2015, Julian Davis(Vocals) and Dominik Steinklauber(Drums) were part of the group which won the “COOL Music Award 2014” for the best Austrian music act as well as playing in front of as much as 7000 people in Austria and Germany.
Benny Bachler(Guitar) and Roman Rupp(Bass/Vocals) on the other hand were part of the alternative Rock group “So Far From Home”.
Last but not least Julian Koch(Guitar/Vocals) who was part of multiple bands such as “Black Oak” and “[insert:sound]”.

EORA’s second CD “Spring Stories” is has already been recorded and will be released on 30.04.2018 along with two music videos.

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