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Jen chats to Glitch and Tommy from Bombs Away about their new single ‘Let You Down Featuring Sunset City’.

Last year, Bombs Away re-imagined themselves within the Australian dance scene with their crossover single ‘Like You’ featuring Elle Vee. ‘Like You’ was a big step in a new direction for the Queensland-based duo and was the first look into their forthcoming debut album ‘Fragments’. Now, Bombs Away are set to release the second single off the near-future LP, ‘Let You Down’ featuring Sunset City, launching the guys further into their new sound. More info after the interview.

For more info on Bombs Away, visit:

The day before this phone interview I lost my voice as I went back to teaching and overused my voice. Too much talking! I had to explain to the guys how I had lost my voice…. They could understand me so all good. I interviewed both Glitch and Tommy but I could not keep up with who was talking so I have written the answers as a band.  Let’s skip the greetings and get straight into the interview!

Your new single ‘Let You Down’ is so different from your past, Big Booty Bitches and Party Bass, Super Soaker etc I actually did not recognise your new sound. Do you feel  over the years …..a bit of time and have changed how your music sounds?

Well we have always written stuff like this and now it is just more of an outlet of our different emotions I guess. We are still making and producing straightforward fun songs like the older ones that have done well. With this album specifically we really wanted to branch out and give a broader spectrum of music. It has seem to work out very well.

It has. Lyrically I really like this song. I guess anyone that has been in love can relate. Was this written from personal experience?

We wrote it with Sunset City and the singer of Sunset City wrote most of it. Then he came on board. We have our own personal perspectives on the lyrics as well. I am not sure what the original perspective was.

Yes, everyone can have a different perspective on songs.

Exactly right, like today we were asked what the song means and we are hesitant to say what it means because it is not necessarily black-and-white and everyone experiences are their own. That is the great thing about music it can affect everybody else differently. This is one of the reasons that we love seeing reactions of our music.

So true. Often I say what I think a song means to the artist and they say Oh that is not what the song means to me but that actually makes sense.

That is why we hesitate to give our meaning because it is not written for us in some cases it is written to affect people in their own experiences.



Yeah so when you are writing a song, how does your writing process go?

It is always very different, sometimes it can start from a title, sometimes it can start from a verse that we wrote on a plane. Often it will just start from a sound or a soundscape that we develop in our studio. Once we started a whole song from scratching some acoustic treatment in the studio and we recorded that and it turned into this atmospheric noise and then we built around that.


Every song just starts like a pearl. There is a little grain of sand that starts it or triggers then we build it from there.

Wow I love that analogy!

That is the first time I’ve ever said that! You our last interview of the day so this is the only time with that one!

Oh an exclusive quote! 🙂

I really liked your music video to Let You Down feat Sunset City. Is this something that you did yourselves or out sourced?

We worked with this guy over in Italy and he is a paper artist. He has been doing some amazing things with it. A lot of people thought that it was done in after effects but it is actually cut out of paper and he has made the paper city and the actors everything.

What?! How long would that have taken?

I’m not sure but he did work on it for quite a while. We went through the script with him He did all the production and filming and stop motion and the paper cutting. He was  super cool to work with.

That song featured Sunset City, how did that collaboration come about?

We have actually worked with them on a few projects now and the last song on the album features them. I actually went to school with the lead singer from Sunset City. We were not really friends at school, like friends of friends and then we got together later and networked and started working on projects together.

You are both up in Queensland?

Yes, we  have a couple of acres up there and built a recording studio. We are in the process of taking it off grid, we have solar power and running on batteries and it is a great place to work.

We then had a discussion of the concept of going off grid and how cool it will be.

Ok getting back not rack… we were talking about Collabs, you seem to have a lot, is there a reason?

We love working with people. Especially because sometimes we will have an idea and not quite finished and hasn’t come to fruition so we can bounce ideas off other people and they can take things and run with it that we might not have issued before. A lot of them are friends as well and is very cool to get into their creative environment and get things done together.

You guys are pretty funny, I watched Ep 7 of talk over last night and I loved you taking the mickey out of Mark Zuckerberg.

Oh yes the new one, he is such a strange person when you watch him but then I was actually looking at photos of behind-the-scenes at the trial and he had hundreds of cameras within half a metre of his face so it would have been a stressful situation to be in a situation that is out of your control. I couldn’t imagine it. All our press tours and shows are in a positive type thing, journalists are there and they generally have a good attitude towards us but he was being grilled and interrogated all day for many days. It is easy to make fun of him but I can also emphasise a little bit.

Actually I have had not looked at it that way.

We then had a discussion about money, power and the lack of it.

Is that something that you do often the talk over shows?

The plan was to do it every fortnight but the way it works out we do a couple a year.  (Laughing)  We keep meaning to do one but then it falls behind schedule and this year’s resolution is over winter to do at least one every fortnight. It is a really good way of showing casing new artists and talk about things that are really hard to get across on normal social media. We get really good responses from people and lots of new submissions for the episode and I think the main focus is to break new Australian acts on the show.

Yeah, I started this website to do the same thing.

I guess, on the Zuckerberg thing, is a little bit of power that can be used well to promote up and coming artists.

Ok Meme culture- where did this passion come from?

I think because it is just funny, we really think that humour can often open doors for people that might be having a bad day or might be having a stressful experience and if they can escape that for a couple minutes or even a 45 second video, I think it really adds to their day. It is quite light-hearted and often based on a joke. if you can make someone’s day a little bit better it is an amazing job to have for us. so we really try and keep up with doing the fun stuff as well.

Do you feel like there’s a sense of responsibility about what you’ve just said?

Yes a little bit especially moving forward as we progress in our career as well. The out of messages that we get an amount of people that tell us our songs or videos that have got them through a tough time or even just made their day a little bit better has made us realise that we are more in a position to reach a lot of people. Even if they are saying consciously that it does not influence them every contact someone has does influence them over the days. As long it is in a positive way we have done our part.

True! What is your favorite meme?

Oh great question! There is a few! The Harry Potter ones are really fun, I liked the Yodelling kid he is really cool. I like him because he is actually musically a very talented guy. It’s like a collaboration with him as he has musically contributed to the song. I think my favourite one would have to be John Cena. We did a mix of a lot of memes also into one.



Tell me about your amazing cover image on facebook. With you on the couch, the things around you like the ball and banana skin do they represent things you like?

Tommy actually did that artwork and I just find things from games that we play or our previous music video ‘Drunk Arcade’ there is a lot of references back to that one. It is a fun light-hearted image that Tommy put together so we put it on top of the page.




So sorry to hear about that waterproof remote control car that was meant to go over water. Funny video. Or is this a joke said too soon?

You are the first person to mention that today in the press interviews but in real life everyone keeps bringing it up. It is funny or something like that can go so far. I was genuinely sad true and I have not had a refund from PayPal. It was worth it for the video anyway.

Plans for 2018?

Touring the album. The official tour for the album starts May 1st and the album itself comes out June 26th. It is on presale now. So pretty much promo and getting as many people as we can to come party with us, come talk to us and buy the album.

Sounds like a busy time!

Thanks for your time guys, it was fun to have a chat.

We then talked about the possibility of them buying stuff of fb ads and testing them.

Really fun guys.

With a career spanning eight years, the duo have purposefully taken their time to craft their debut album, and it has been well worth the wait. Announcing today, the release of ‘Fragments’ on Friday 26th June, Bombs Away have carefully and expertly curated a 13 track LP, including an intro and intermission, with features from an array of local and upcoming artists such as Sunset City, Elle Vee, Shadow Aspect, Backchat, Sru and Myah Marie. ‘Fragments’ is a radiant body of work that truly highlights their refined production techniques and how they have developed into the charismatic artists and songwriters they are today.

The Bombs Away project has reached over a billion people, thanks to their two platinum records‘Party Bass’ and ‘Super Soaker’, gold for ‘Big Booty Bitches’, a #1 on the US viral charts, ARIA nominations, countless ARIA club chart top 10s and ARIA #1’s for ‘Get Stoopid’ and ‘Super Soaker’. With this experience behind them, Bombs Away have delved deeper into aspects of songwriting and production on their second single ‘Let You Down’, developing a well thought-out dance, pop blend. Parker Rose, from upcoming Gold-Coast five-piece, Sunset City lends his vocals on the track, giving the single a strikingly fun topline, complimenting the already playful production.

Bombs Away on ‘Let You Down’, “It’s amazing to finally be releasing something into the wild that we’ve spent such a big part of our lives on recently, we can’t wait to see how it everyone reacts to something a little different, working with Sunset City was awesome and we’re excited to debut it!”

Bombs Away have become prominent producers among global tastemakers due to their unforgettable sound of bounce, electro house, hip hop and trap leading to the duo working among artists such as Pitbull, Krafty Kuts, The Potbellezz and Luciana. With a slew of releases up their sleeve for 2018, Bombs Away are looking to continue their trailblazing reputation throughout the year.

‘Let You Down feat. Sunset City’ is out now via Central Station Records, with the forthcoming debut album ‘Fragments’ out 26th June 2018.



1. Carbon (Intro)
2. Let You Down (feat. Sunset City)
3. Before We Had a Label (feat. Elle Vee)
4. Feel This Way
5. We Should (feat. Shadow Aspect)
6. Amethyst (Intermission)
7. Have We Met Before (feat. Sunset City)
8. Let It Burn (feat. Backchat)
9. Like You (feat. Elle Vee)
10. All My Love (feat. Sru)
11. Drive Me Home (feat. Myah Marie)
12. Haunt the Sky
13. Running On Clouds


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