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TWO FACE TWIN release their debut single ‘SOCOTRA’.

SOCOTRA is TWO FACE TWIN’s new single. What I liked about this song is it’s smoothness, both the music and the vocals. There is a sense of wanting to be a better person within the lyrics. Vocally I adore the gentle caressing of both Carla Fellinger and Janick Pfenninger’s voice. Both of them individually have accolades so there is already a solid base to work on with this project. Check out their music video here.


At their birth in the Hawaiian wasteland, the twins Carla Fellinger and Janick Pfenninger were still anatomically attached via their little pinkies. A nuclear accident changed all that, in the blink of an eye, severing their uniovular unity, irrevocably. Lost and uncoupled from each other, they aimlessly wandered the earth until the unfathomable vagaries of fate re-joined them on the island of Socotra during a 3-week Ayurveda retreat for felines. From the time of that reunion, the twins swore never again to lose sight of each other and to, henceforth, irradiate the music world as TWO FACE TWIN.

TWO FACE TWIN’s first single, <SOCOTRA> , fuses in its nucleus the burning desire for change melded with a deep-seated longing for betterment and amelioration. <SOCOTRA> is a deeply heartfelt ode to optimism, a hymn of possibilities! <SOCOTRA> is nominated at the m4music Demotape Clinic 2018 as a finalist in the category Pop.


The Twins are currently totally immersed on their Reunion Tour. Immediately afterwards, they‘ll concentrate on completing their first EP (TBR: spring 2019).

The single will be released together with the “Spiritual Journey Remix” by Tom Hessler (singer of the german Band Fotos).

Carla Fellinger >> is passionately working on her first solo project and is in the middle of her Master’s Degree in Pop Singing at the Zurich University of the Arts. As if that wasn‘t enough, she is front singer of the newcomer band Klain Karoo as well as supporting Dodo and Cilia Hunch, among others, as background singer. Janick Pfenninger >> is founder, composer, and lead singer of the band Tim Freitag. In 2013 he was awarded a studio workshop scholarship to and in New York by the Zürich Pop-credit culture fund, for his musical achievements.

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