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Emma Miller releases ‘Wasteland’ you definitely want to check it out!

Best to listen to ‘Wasteland’ in a quiet setting with headphones on and eyes shut. I did with some introspection and grateful that I don’t live in a war zone. Emma Miller wrote this while absorbing the struggle of the images and news pieces of the plight of a refugee. This is a love song with a difference as it is more about our need to be accepted and loved as the person we are. Emma’s beautiful voice and the gentle music makes this song a must listen to. Check it out below.



More about Emma Miller.

Scottish born songstress, emma miller, has just announced the release of her brand new single Wasteland, following on from her two critically acclaimed debut releases last summer. After a short break in which she embarked on an extensive writing period and a sold out headline show in her home town, Emma has a lot to show from her creative hibernation with a line up of singles ready to release over the rest of 2018. Written at home in the Highlands of Scotland during a time when the world was being shown horrific images of the on going refugee crisis in Syria, the juxtaposition of her own reality resulted in the creation of this intimate song. Sitting at her piano, the chords evoked a very natural lyric that beautifully reflected some of the images and stories she had read and watched over the course of the summer. Within this poetic depiction of the struggle of the refugee, there is a simple love song that echoes all of our needs to be accepted and loved for who we are. Wasteland builds on Emma’s previous releases with a balance of organic and electronic production which allows the lyric and musicality of the song to take centre stage. Her stunning vocals and intimate performance are elevated with the atmospheric and detailed production by Sam Welch. Wasteland is released on 27th April and will be available on all major streaming services.

Emma Miller left the rolling hills of the north east of Scotland in 2014 to move to London where she quickly found herself swept up in the vibrant music scene. She released her debut single in 2017 to much critical acclaim, including support from The 405 and BBC Radio 6. Her effortless vocals and dynamic songwriting create a rich and atmospheric sound which has led to comparisons with the likes of The Staves and Joni Mitchell. Rifling through her parent’s record collection she discovered artists such as Joni and James Taylor which inspired her to start writing at her piano. However, it wasn’t until she watched a video tape of the Scottish band Texas performing live in Paris that Emma was really bitten by the music bug and started performing her songs in public. As well as recently selling out her first headline show, she has already been fortunate enough to work with the likes of India Bourne (Ben Howard band, Ry X band) and Tim Elsenberg (Mercury nominated band Sweet Billy Pilgrim) both of whom played significant roles in the making of her first single. Emma pushes the boundaries between sophisticated pop and alternative folk. Thoughtful lyrics are delivered in a pure, soaring melody and etherial harmonies which truly captivate her audience and pull them into her world. (The artwork for Wasteland was painted by Emma’s mother, Lesley Miller.)

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