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Instant Reason release another gem ‘Ruminations’

‘Ruminations’ is the final track off Instant Reason’s EP ‘Growing Up’. This song showcases the multi instrumental talent that each band member has. In a twist this song was fully written before it was named then tweaked a little to finish. This song is about a deep contemplative person who is matched with someone that can draw decisions out of them. This describes my marriage perfectly! Enjoy the music, enjoy the vocals and contemplation if this song was written about you! 


More about Instant Reason

Emerging from the suburbs of Lakewood in southern California, Instant Reason is comprised of Justin Juarez, Nico Mendoza, Corina Parga, and JP Guitierrez. These four friends met in music programs in high school and later dispersed to seek out various opportunities after graduating. Several years later, (singer/songwriter) Justin Juarez approached (producer/bassist) Nico Mendoza with demos of original songs. Nico, being a recent production graduate of Berkley School of Music, liked the demos and wanted to collaborate with Justin, thus kicking off their project. (Lead guitarist) Corina Parga and (drummer) JP Gutierrez joined very soon after to assemble what is now Instant Reason.
Having a group with each member being a multi-instrumentalist and influences deriving from a wide variety of music, Instant Reason is a powerhouse of attractive vocal harmonies, enticing guitar parts, jamming drum beats, and an abundance of original material. They have just recently self-released an EP in April of 2018, titled Growing Up. The EP consists of four songs offering a promising start for the band and solid material to use for live performances. They currently have a release show scheduled for May 5th (Cinco De Mayo), 2018 at Dipiazza’s in Long Beach, CA.

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