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Werwe release new single ‘Different Tune’.

When I heard ‘Different Tune’ by Werwe I knew that I was going to share it. The catchy tune and the vocals that are impossible not to sing along to. ‘Different Tune’  actually changed my mood to a much more happier one than I was in. I like the exploration of life taking a different tune. This song is the first single from their upcoming Birthday EP. I encourage you to listen below.



More about Werwe

On his new project, Philadelphia based singer-songwriter Steven Martinho set out to create the music he’s always wanted to make – skillfully crafted pop that remains unpretentious and fun. He taps into and honors his influences while blending them in his own unique way. Simple and catchy yet expertly refined – Werwe creates the kind of tunes that you can’t help but sing along with.



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