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 The Honest Heart Collective release ”Separate Ways”.

‘Separate Ways’ by The Honest Heart Collective is AMAZING!  This song encompasses so many genres. I think I can hear more pop punk or post hardcore but this song also has some 80’s influence. This song is a reflection on when parents divorce and the emotions that the kids have. I really like the vocals, such a unique sound. Check out ‘Separate Ways’ below.



More about The Honest Heart Collective

“It’s hard for kids to understand what’s really going on when the two people they love the most don’t love each other anymore. I know I couldn’t see it when I was younger. I thought it was my fault and I blamed myself while pinpointing everything I did to cause my parents to fight. I know they desperately didn’t want me to feel that way and Separate Ways is a result of that. You grow up and realize they’re not perfect, but they’re your parents. And even though they don’t love each other anymore, they still love you.” – Ryan MacDonald

Anchored by brothers four lifelong friends, The Honest Heart Collective was born out of a moment at a Bruce Springsteen concert and a rotating cast of musicians made permanent. Buoyed by the backdrop of their Northern Ontario roots, the band’s debut LP tells a story of longing, deceit, and new beginnings. Liar’s Club encapsulates The Honest Heart Collective’s old soul take of heart-on-sleeves storytelling through music. Armed with brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald, the self-built Lionheart Studios, a blue-collar mentality, and 150+ shows later, The Honest Heart Collective has become six best friends raring to put out new music and get back on the road. The Thunder Bay natives have wrapped up a new collection of songs with Producer Derek Hoffman at Fox Sounds. Grief Rights is out on May 4.

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