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Leena Regan releases a killer snub in ‘As I Am’.

‘As I Am’ is the ultimate……who cares what you think…. song. This message needs to get out! So many people worry about what others think and bottle it up that leads to a very unhealthy emotional state. I have spent loads to time in my life working on this so if this song helps you then leave it on repeat. Leena’s voice a little raspy is the perfect instrument to drive this message home. Just be yourself. Simple words but so hard to do. 


Behind the song:

“Growing up, I felt surrounded by echoes of my classmates whispering about me in the hallways at school. They would try to tear down all the ways that I’d express myself, from the way that I dress to the music that I made. I never let it stop me, though. I always shrugged it off and kept doing me. As I got older, people still talked shit, and I found myself constantly fantasizing about a world where everyone celebrates each other exactly as they are and finds joy in what makes each individual unique. I’d always be snapped out of this fantasy by noticing the glares and whispers of total strangers, and on one particular day, I wasn’t about to let anyone kill my vibe. So when I overheard two girls talking shit, I leant over and whispered, “Hey bitches, I can hear you. You shouldn’t talk so loud.” Later that night, “As I Am” was born.”


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