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Ratnang Singh releases ‘The War’.

‘The War’ by Ratnang Singh is a thought provoking gentle song about war. Ratnag’s voice sounds amazing in this discussion of the down side of war. Lyrically it made me ponder why there are wars. Take a listen to a song about war with a difference. 


More about Ratnang Singh

Ratnang Singh recently released his debut full-length album called The War, a set of seven songs laden with emotion and depth. He has been making music for over four years now. But he never saw himself becoming a professional musician until a tragedy hit him. He found solace, an outlet, in music and hasn’t looked back since.

The first song that Ratnang ever wrote was ‘The War’, which is now the title track on his eponymous debut album. He recalls, “I remember sitting in my room listening to Tom Petty. I think it was ‘Only A Broken Heart’, and for some reason I was stuck in that space, wondering what would it take for me to deliver such emotion through lyrics. I started to pen down my thoughts and began to write, strumming the guitar and making my way towards something I would call my own. It was ‘The War’, my first song.”

His debut album revolves around the ideas of conquering pain, growing up, telling stories and finding comfort. There is remarkable consistency in the theme and the sound all through the seven songs. “(An album) is a mood, a theme and you can’t be all over the place. The songs must be chosen carefully. It is extremely important for songwriters to find a producer who will pay attention to what you have to say and arrange the songs for you accordingly,” Ratnang explains.

He adds, “I had already written ‘The War’ when I started working on other songs of the album. Writing in a dark room helped me achieve what I was looking for. It took months, but it all started to shape up. Once there was a theme, it wasn’t too hard. I have managed to string these seven songs together. They all deal with pain, love and loss.”

One of the challenges of making this album for Ratnang was to balance the heaviness. The lyrics alone are so heavy that a single listen of the entire album might drain the listener. That is where the music comes in; it lifts you up.

‘Stella Gardner’, the first single from The War, and ‘You’ talk about characters that have lost in love but do not lose hope, that at the end is where the story begins. ‘The War’ and ‘Devil In Me’ are songs about growing up, facing challenges, drawing strength from within to be able to move forward, and eventually finding peace. ‘No Fire In The Flame’ and ‘The Lovers Part’ are rooted in the theme of pain and loss, something that is omnipresent throughout the album. Lastly, ‘A Little Boy’, talks about child sexual abuse. He surmises, “The War is not your light-hearted bubbly album, it’s heavy, it can either weigh you down, make you think or make you relate to a certain thought closely.”



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