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Silver Anniversary of Earth Day Birthday Strikes Gold!

Finally, now that my Spring festival season travels are over, I can reflect on a few of the shows I had the privilege of covering.  Possibly one of the best I saw this season is one that I typically don’t attend.  Which is odd as it is less than 90 miles from my office in Florida.  Earth Day Birthday celebrated it’s 25 year in a big way.  Who knew how much fun it would be?  Well besides WJRR, the radio station behind the festival, and every one of the loyal patrons who have made this so successful for so long.  Lined with vendors of all sorts and a noteworthy performance line up, the party made for a long, if hot, fun-filled day.

For the first year ever, and thank goodness, the organizers put together a “Chill Zone” inside a warehouse type building on the property which featured a cool dark place to hide from the heat with the added bonus of acoustic sets by 10 years, Dead Girls Academy and many more.  It certainly wasn’t a show for the faint of heart as two outdoor stages were a long walk apart.  The production, particularly on the main stage, was terrific.  The smaller permanent stage which served as the second stage featured tight sets by both Powerman 5000 and Fozzy.  The biggest moment for many photographers covering the show was for those who made the walk over to stage two for Fozzy were invited on stage to take photos from a whole different perspective including being able to mingle with the artists.  Usually, we spend most of our time being escorted out of areas, not into them, so many of us hesitated to process what was going on.

Shinedown finished the evening with a very strong and engaging performance.

For the money and line up, it is a great addition to your live music experience in Florida.


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