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The Glorious North release their new single ‘The Widow’.

‘The Widow’ is not your usual murder-ballad song. The story is told from the man who has committed the murder. He had been manipulated by his lover to commit the murder and they are free to live their life. The Glorious North boys have this gold nugget of advice ‘It’s a lesson to think carefully before killing folks.’ Good rule to live by! I like the pace of‘ The Widow’, it matches the meaning of the song. Lyrically it is pretty much in the face that there has been a murder. I like the sound of the guitars oh I must mention the vocals that made me really like this song. 

Listen to ‘The Widow’ here.


You can catch these boys live at their Upcoming Shows:

Saturday 28th July – Union Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday Aug 19 – The Standard Hotel, Melbourne

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

I have never heard of a band call their sound ‘slacker Country’ before. Can you explain?

We all have a lineage back to indie guitar bands and that influence still seeps through a little bit. Our former bass player, Loretta, mentioned once during rehearsal that she was getting “a real Dinosaur Jnr kind of feel”. And we looked at each other and said, “slacker country – cool!”

I love the story of you guys getting together as you were sick of drinking in bars and decided that you would like to play music. Made me laugh. Was that decision made over a few beers?

Like all noble and great decisions in life, yes. Tele Dee (guitar) and I were propping up the front bar in the Great Northern Hotel in Carlton North, Melbourne when that momentous conversation took place. 

What are your music backgrounds before this?

Tele and I have been playing together for a long time – in various guitar rock outfits as mentioned above. Darren (drums) played in Klinger and Dave Sayer (bass) in Rail. Both were Melbourne bands of no small repute back in the day.

‘The Widow’ is written from the murders point of view. I like this twist, it is unique. I take it as you are all not in prison this song was not written from personal experience. How did the idea occur to you? Please don’t confess to me as I am going to publish this interview!

Well, there’s a little bit of the songwriter in every song isn’t there? But storytelling – whether it’s in a song, poem, novel, whatever – does give the author a license to drift into a darkness he or she would steer clear of in real life. So, no, not a personal experience (thankfully) although I had dosed up on Johnny Cash and whiskey when this song was written. Murder, love and regret were swirling through my mind and The Widow came out at the end of it all.

How was it working with Dave Rogers? What a talented and a nice guy.

Yes, well put. He’s a first-rate human being, is Dave, so collaborating with him in any sense is always fantastic. As a producer he’s also very willing to take charge, to say “no, that idea is rubbish” and keep everything on the straight and narrow. That discipline is sometimes harder to keep with just the band members alone but is so crucial to the recording process.

Your name Glorious North, how was that decided?

We have the points of Melbourne’s inner-north compass covered, living in Carlton, Brunswick, Preston and Northcote. And life on this side of the river is nothing if not glorious so we morphed the two and came up with the name.

You guys have been doing a fair bit of media lately according to your Facebook are you feeling pretty lucky to have this publicity? ( I mean I do think you deserve it!)

As Clint Eastwood drawls in Unforgiven, “deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it”. We just thought it was high time to be a little less “slacker” and a little more “country” and get out and promote. The luck is in our choice of PR, who has been quite simply outstanding.

What is next for TGN? Plans for the rest of the year?

New songs, new album, Tamworth. Those are the three big goals.

What is your top 5 bands of inspiration?  Or one per member.

Hmmmm always a toughie. Nick Cave and Hank Williams for the darkness and the loss. Creedence Clearwater Revival and (awesome Melbourne band from 90/00s) The Warner Brothers for the jump and jangle. Johnny Cash because … well, he’s Johnny Cash.





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