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Jen interviews Stephanie from Something For Kate prior to Scene and Heard Festival.

Crack out that old band shirt, dust off those Doc Martens and bust open that ancient box of glowsticks. It doesn’t matter which scene you were in or which scene you thought you were in, SCENE & HEARD is here for you. SCENE & HEARD is where you belong.
Say hello to a brand-new festival that isn’t just a line-up but an immersive journey back to when Spotify didn’t exist, and that 1999 triple j Hottest 100 CD was the only thing repeating on the car stereo.


Jen had the chance to interview Stephanie from Something For Kate.

Hi Stephanie, thanks for taking some time to have a chat.

We discovered that we were both in Melbourne so we had a bit of discussion about how bad the weather was.

You guys have had a pretty decent break from the music scene. Was that a planned break?

Yes. Well we have and we hadn’t because with Paul has been flat out the whole time. he has not stopped touring ever and he has put out solo records and touring the world. he has been living overseas touring everywhere.  In the last couple of years since David Bowie passed away Paul has been playing with David Bowie’s band. Going around the world with them. So it has been nearly 2 years so that takes a fair bit of his time touring with those guys which mean that we have to fit our writing sessions around so this is why the new record is taking a lot longer to arrive. is touring South America, Iceland and Europe. He comes back for a few weeks but he has his own solo shows any does a lot of writers festivals and  how are you are you you you are festivals themselves and he also writes for other people and produces records for other people, so it is us trying to fit in around him. We have to be really bossy with him. we say we need you and stop telling everything with everyone else.

Will Scene and Heard be the first time you are all together again on stage?


Yes it well because he takes off on a solo tour this week and he goes to Icelands, Los Angeles, South America. So we will rehearse in between implying with the Bowie band. we’re hoping that we can play a new song at the Scene and Heard festival.

Sweet! Do you think you will have some butterflies in your stomach before your set as it has been so long since you have stepped foot on stage?

I always do, it doesn’t matter if I do 10 shows a year or 200 shows a year it just never goes away from me. I think nerves are a good thing.

Yes I do to.

I guess it is a bit of a trip to the body, having all this adrenaline,  nerves and your body goes through a fair bit performing all the time you go through a rather in a state of anticipation or elation, post-show recovery.

Scene and Heard will be an amazing festival. How stoked were you to be asked to play?

A lot! We have played a fair bit in Newcastle over the years, it is a great experience in Newcastle, we call it our second home. For years we played the Bar on the Hill Newcastle. It is an institution for the people who live in Newcastle. it is a big band room, every band that tour there play at the  Bar on the Hill. It is a touring staple and we always have gone the last 15 years or so. We feel like we have a bit of a special bond with the people of Newcastle. We are always happy to go there and play festivals and Scene and Heard will be something different.

Have you played with any of the other bands before?

Many times, yes. I mean we did a tour with UMI,  headline a whole Day on the Green tour with Spiderbait about two years ago. We have known Spiderbait for a long time, they are ex Melbourne people and people that we grew up within shows and festivals and Big Day Out and Home-baked. The Living End is the same, they are friends of ours. Killing Heidi, obviously a Melbourne band.

Do you know Sneaky Sound System?

I don’t really know them, I don’t know where they’re from. I guess we haven’t shaved any stages with them before because they are more electronic. Front End Loader we have also known for years.

Sounds like it’s going to be a great reunion show.


Do you have a preference between playing headliner shows or festivals? 

They are both so different. I love it when we are doing are consistent tour, like we are playing every night, three nights a week  because you get comfortable and it is a longer set. The festival thing is really fun too because you get to see all your friends in the other bands and it is are shorter set so there is much more adrenaline and the crowd are excited because there is a different band on every 45 minutes. Festivals are heaps of fun. I guess each of them are different things.

It was way back in 2012 when you released your last album ‘Leave your Soul to Science’. I remember it debuted at number 1 on the charts here. I loved ‘Monster’ Oh, I have always wanted to say that it is a brilliant name for an album.

Your music is so diverse. The variation in an album is amazing. When starting out writing and planning the record say ‘Leave Your Soul to Science’ is that the plan or did it just work out that way?

I don’t think we ever sit down with each other and say let’s make a really diverse record. We don’t really have those conversations, we just write. We go through a drafts and re drafts and if we feel that we have got two songs on the record that maybe feel too similar in terms of that emotion that they are in parting or the style is very similar, then we have to make a decision of whether we will remove one. I guess we all listened to such different music and our tastes are really diverse and we don’t want 10 of the same song on the record. Living life, so much happens, you go through so many things, you feel so many things, you witness so many things, a good record we feel is going to represent lots of different elements and experience so therefore they will all be different. I think it is just natural for us to explore all the different feelings and experiences that happens and therefore the records all end up diverse. It can depend on why people are writing music, some people are writing music because they need to get something off their chest or they need to express something and it is the only way that they can do it, it is the medium that they have chosen to get those thoughts and feelings out. Luckily for a lot of bands there is an audience for that. There are also some people who are writing just because it’s fun and want to make people dance, then there are some people who are just interested in  notoriety, infamy or whatever.

Yes, I have worked with different bands that have wanted to do all of that.

Yes,  there is not a wrong intention there is just different intentions. It is art and at the end of the day there is no rhyme or rights with art, it is like with a painting you can’t say whether one is better than the other because they different.


Preorder here.

You have doing a Re-issuing of your records! What a great idea. Seems to be the thing to do.

We originally from the start always released our album on CDs and back in the cassettes back in 98. Then they’ll sold out that their pressings and what happens was the only way that you can get those records was from eBay or collectors and people were paying five or $600 an album. that has been going on for years.


We just got to the point where we were a bit sick of that and  felt from the feedback we were getting from people was just frustration that they could not get the albums on vinyl and the prices were just so ridiculous we decided to make them available again. In 2014 on our anniversary tour we pressed some then and they all sold out really quickly. So we thought why not make them available again. It is not fair to have to pay those high prices on eBay. So we decided to reissue them all and make them available for everyone. That is a big project because there are six albums there as well as releasing an earlier EP and a double album back in 1998 we decided to release that on vinyl for the first time because we had so many requests for it.

Thanks heaps for your time Stephanie. I hope the Festival is a lot of fun for you.

Thanks Jen



Strutting into Wickham Park, Newcastle on Sunday November 4, SCENE & HEARD brings together a boom box full of talent in its first year. a line-up designed to recreate moments in time. Those moments begin with The Living End. Forging a path like no other this legendary band of rockabilly heroes have conquered the globe countless times and return to headline the ultimate Sunday session with new album Wunderbar in tow.

Prep for a giant sing-a-long as one of the finest voices in Australia, Paul Dempsey cranks out classics like ‘Monsters’ and ‘Three Dimensions’ with Something for Kate making a welcome return to Newcastle. Absolute thumpers Spiderbait join the ranks too with must hear throwbacks like ‘Buy Me a Pony’, ‘Black Betty’ and ‘Calypso’.

Killing Heidi join the SCENE & HEARD pack following a stunning resurgence to celebrate 20 years since their inception. Also kicking off the main stage are Aussie indie mainstays Dallas Crane, Skunkhour and Front End Loader. And keeping everyone in line (or out of line) is the man, the legend that is Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall as master of ceremonies.

The late 90s and early 00s wasn’t all about rock though. There was a parallel universe running alongside. Enter pioneers of the Aussie millennial electro-pop scene Sneaky Sound System with smash hits ‘UFO’, ‘Pictures’ and ‘I Love It’. If that’s not enough temptation to bring out the fluoro again SCENE & HEARD wholly encourages ‘personal leave’ days with the ‘Don’t Come Monday’ Stage. A trio of Aussie club legends Kid Kenobi, Groove Terminator and Goodwill bring their beats to a dedicated space for partying as hard as you did the week the Ministry of Sound Annual 2002 was released. Still nervous about getting home in time for a good night’s sleep on a ‘school night’? Don’t worry it all wraps at 9pm.

SCENE & HEARD is creating more than a festival. It’s creating a connection to a time. A time before selfies when it didn’t matter how many ‘likes’ you had. It’s about swapping virtual likes for like-minded individuals and exchanging stories about ‘that time when…’

Remember that time when everyone used to go lapping on Wharf Road and then park up? Reminisce withSCENE & HEARD’s classic car display. Remember heading to the Newcastle Rock Shop to spend hours trawling through the latest releases? Relive with SCENE & HEARD’s vintage vinyl fair and rock’n‘roll markets.

The best Sunday sesh ever needs the best Sunday spread ever and SCENE & HEARD delivers. Sample small batch craft brews and premium suds. Knock back bespoke cocktails and indulge in the best food trucks eats from across Sydney and beyond.

Music Feeds, Newcastle Live and Jack Daniels present

Supported by The Cambridge


SCENE & HEARD VIP | $159.90 +bf








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