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Steel Panther Was “Community Property” of the SOLD OUT Orlando Crowd

Steel Panther L to R: Lexxi Foxx, Stix Zandinia, Michael Starr, Satchel

Micheal Starr checking out one ot the more exuberant young ladies while Satchel rips on the guitar.

The boobs in the crowd were popping out almost the minute Steel Panther hit the stage at Plaza Live in Orlando.  Not surprising, as this is the one band wo can be as offensive as they would like and the crowd eats them up (Pun intended).  You have to give respect to this band.  Rather than be left behind in the history books of the 80’s glam rock scene, they turned a Sunset Strip cover band into a touring, and ultimately money making, machine.  There is no getting around what I like to call “Raunch and Roll.  There are several immitators, but none have perfected this like Steel (Mother F**king) Panther as their intro calls them.


With bands touring all over the country who get mainstream radio play contiunously barely scraping by with small venue crowds, Steel Pather’s show sold out.  It was warm in the venue to say the least. The Sunset Live Tour is not only a review of their hits, but an homage to their time and dues paid on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA.  It is where many 80’s bands got their start including Motley Crue.  It was the rock and roll destination for many with big dreams and little money.  Sadly, many of the venues that line the strip are falling victim to the buldozers in exchange for condos, but that is a story for another time.

As I have said in a few other stories, if you can put together a show with bands who interact and entertain, you will do well.  It is also true the Steel Panther is the most self promoting band out there.  They are not afraid of scandal either.  I mean, who did not see the multiple stories on Satachel’s new guitar effect pedal “The Pussy Melter”?

Available here:  Until October 1st only!

It is appropriately named and, well if you are offended you are probably not someone who listens to their songs or goes to their shows anyway.  It is their willingness to say whatever pops into their head and some of the scripted parts, that make them unexpectedly charming.  The musicianship and talent is what makes them special.  Anyone can get on a stage and act like a baffoon, and many talented people can play and sing songs beautifully.  The combination of the two is difficult to sell.  No one does it like Steel Panther. Without giving ages away, let us just say the Micheal Starr can out sing just about anyone, which is not typically the case with other singers with his “time in the business”.  He was loooking better than he has the last couple of tours.  They claim to have “”two hundred and sevety years’ combined heavy metal experience”, but much like everything else, that is a bit of a fish tale.




They start the show, as always, with “Eyes of a Panther”, but it was the addition of cover songs like Van Halen’s “Jump” that really brought us back.  It was fun to see them do these songs and you could tell it was something close to their heart.  Even when Stachel started Guns and Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” accidently hitting a wrong note, yeah right, and claiming he “hadn’t finished learning that one yet” moving to another song, the audience was captivated and laughing.  It is a definate must see, and bring a friend who has no idea what they are getting into.  It is fun to watch their faces.



August 18th Fort Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
September 7th Pauma Valley, CA Casino Pauma
September 8th San Luis Obispo, CA The Freemont Theater
September 9th Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst
September 22nd Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance
September 23rd Baltimore, MD Ram’s Head Live
September 25th Kitchener, CANADA Maxwell’s
September 27th New York, NY Play Station Theater
September 28th Niagara Falls, NY The Rapids Theatre
September 29th Providence, RI The Strand Theater
October 7th San Juan Teotihuacan, MEXICO Force Fest 2018
October 12th Regina, CANADA Casino Regina
October 13th North Battleford, CANADA Gold Eagle Casino
October 25th Raleigh, NC Ritz Raleigh
October 26th North Myrtle Beach, SC House Of Blues
October 27th Lynchburg, VA Phase 2
October 28th Charlotte, NC The Fillmore Charlotte

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