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‘Tell Me What To Do’ is the new single from The Good Water

The Good Water are psych-rockers from Birmingham and have released a news single called ‘Tell Me What To Do’ as well as some shows. (See below) This song is real old school 60’s style. I love that! Makes a change. ‘Tell Me What To Do’ is based around the misunderstanding of feelings as people are not saying how they feel. This teenage angst theme is a common one but I feel that it continues through life. The song discusses what happens if people are not honest and open as that can lead to heart break. There are other aspects of the song I love of course, the vocals that suit the 60’s theme and the talented musicians that back him up. Check out ‘Tell Me What To Do’ here. 



The Good Water are on tour with Canadian rockers The Sheepdogs in Oct/November –

29/10 – The Workman’s Club, DUBLIN.

30/10 – The Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS.

31/10 – The Fleece, BRISTOL.

1/11 – The Globe, CARDIFF.

2/11 – The Actress & Bishop, BIRMINGHAM.

5/11 – The Borderline, LONDON.

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