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‘Three Channels Apart’ is the New Me latest single.

Californian Pop band New Me are ready to release their debut 7″ on Bleeding Gold Records. New Me are made up different members of other acts, for example Spooky Cigarette. Their live shows have the reputation on being raucous! Their new single ‘Three Channels Apart’ is a dreamy song with attitude. The music put my in a relaxed mood and the lyrics are clever! The vocals are soft so the music plays the main part. I like that. ‘Three Channels Apart’ is about division, apathy and regret. Lyrics such as”Eyes wide open can’t you see? The forest’s only made of trees is an example of the division. “Grew up under a sick moon, but I’m trying to get better” means that there is some regret in there. Take a listen to ‘Three Channels Apart’ here.

Order Debut 7″ HERE


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