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Dan from Zebrahead talks to Jen about their new album and Aussie tour.

Zebrahead are less than a week away to hitting our shores. Check out the dates below nearest to you and make plans to see their show. Add Death By Stereo and it will be one crazy fun filled night! 











Tickets for the Australian tour are available now at


Jen chats to Dan Palmer who is in both bands playing this tour. 

Hi  Z “ed” brahead…. ( haha get used to the funny way we say your name) Congrats on such an incredible album. I was so keen for the release and was super happy when I listened the first time. Now a few hundred times later I love it even more.Your Aussies fans and have been waiting for so long for you to return Down under. We never put pressure on you…. It is a shame that we are so far away for you, but it makes the trip million times more special when you are able to make the trip.What is your fav part of your trip when you come down here? 

We love just how nice the weather is and how nice the beach is there. I know we’re from California but we still appreciate it! We also love the meat pies and how friendly everyone is. 

We’re looking forward to going to Bondi Beach drinking vodka, and trying to surf!! Oh and I guess playing shows too! Ha!! 


The last few releases prior to Brain Invaders, I have been part of the support team, Class Clown (typical me) but this release I never got around to it, which made me pretty mad I missed out! Were you overwhelmed with support that you got from your fans once again?

You missed out on the new release?? Tsk Tsk!!! How dare you!!!!???? Ha! 

No I missed out on the support team!

We’re lucky that anyone likes our records when we put them out. Brain Invaders has gotten more support than usual and it’s been awesome! It’s not easy putting out your own record (besides Japan where we’re on Avex Records) . But in a way it’s a lot more rewarding! We control everything and it’s been a fun experiment. With streaming being so popular worldwide it makes things a lot easier to do. 


When I first listened to Brain invaders I was wondering if there would be a new fav song of yours for me. Nope, some came close, but ‘Anthem’ is still my fav tune. ‘Chase the Sun’ actually comes close…


Out of all the new songs that you are going to play which song is the most fun to play live?

That’s cool you like “Chasing the Sun” so much! Thanks!! 

We have only played “All my friends are nobodies ” , “we’re not alright “, and “When both suck…” Live so far and they’re all fun to do so far. We hope to add more to the list once we start touring more! 


I really liked when I listened to Brain Invaders for the very first time and right from the first 30 secs or so, of ‘When both sides Suck we are all Winners’ I thought Yes! This is the Zebrahead sound I love.


Clearly fans have felt the same way as within a month there has been over 3,000,000 streams on Spotify. This does not include the amount of CD/Album plays in our ZH Aussie group and that would add on A LOT!


Did these figures exceed your expectations?

We actually didn’t have expectations, so having this many streams is fucking amazing!! We didn’t know what to expect and we hope the momentum keeps going! So please everyone, stream away!!!! 


While researching for this interview I have noticed that the last 5 years ZH has really grown its fan base. There are loads more FB likes and interactions there. When you came here for Soundwave I was front and centre for the acoustic set in the tent. I remember thinking that all the people walking past were missing out on your musical genius.


So, I guess congrats on working so hard, touring and writing/recording etc etc. What is one thing that spurs you on to continue this lifestyle?

Musical genius?? Ha, thank you so much!! You must be drunk!!  

We love doing what we do! We’re lucky that anyone likes us enough to pay for shows or Merch or shots etc! Touring is fun! You get to travel the world, play rad shows, make new friends, and get free beer! Of course we’re gonna keep doing this!! I guess that’s more than one so I’ll go with the free beer then! 


Ha! I notice that the countries that seem love you guys the most is Japan and Germany (according to the charts and Australia (solid fan base). (Just my thoughts) Tell me if there are others you think of


Can you tell me why you think these Countries have embraced you so well?

We’re not sure why certain countries like us more than others. I’m glad they do though! If we knew the secret to that then we’d apply it everywhere! 

We’ve been going to places like Russia and Ukraine and they’ve been really nice to us there also. We want to venture out more so also. Play everywhere! 


What is it about Germany and Japan that you love so much?

They both have great food, nice people, great shows, amazing history, and they invite us to play their countries a lot! We’ll get complaints about not playing other countries as much as Germany and Japan and it’s not because we’re playing favorites. They offer us more shows than any other countries, so we go! We’re just lucky that they’re such amazing places to go to!! 


Love that RBF horn section played on “You Don’t Know Anything About Me”! Matt, Billy and Johnny’s playing sure added depth to that song to make it unique. I actually think at this particular time this is my fav song although that might change by the time, I finish writing this interview!


Can you please tell me the writing process behind this song? What influenced the writing?

We channeled our love for operation ivy and suicide machines  for the structure of the song. We sent it over to Billy, Matt, and Johnny( RBF horn section) to let them do whatever they wanted on it and they killed it! It was extremely easy! 


Can you choose one more song and do the same thing please?

“We’re Not Alright” was a song that Matty brought in when we were writing the “Call Your Friends” record a few years ago. We wrote and kept rewriting it and we were never happy with it until this record cycle. I’m glad we kept on it and didn’t shelve it like we have with so many demos and song ideas. 


Will you have tour tee’s for sale? I collect all your tee’s and merch…. I am Callum’s twin after all.

Yes we’ll have shirts, hoodies , scarves, CDs, maybe some vinyl, and other assorted goodies!! 


Please tell me in 8 words what Aussie fans can expect from your Live shows down here.

We are going to party with you all!! 

Well played Dan! See you guys soon.

Info about Zebrahead

zebrahead is vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee, vocalist/guitarist Matty Lewis, bassist Ben Osmundson, drummer Ed Udhus and guitarist Dan Palmer. Formed in the mist of the Orange County, CA punk explosion this genre-crossing outfit has consistently brought their unique, fun-filled sound and explosive live show to masses around the globe.
It all started with the release of the Yellow EP on indie label Dr. Dream in May 1998, the buzz began and zebrahead signed to major label Columbia and released their full-length debut, Waste Of Mind, later that same year. Their sophomore album Playmate Of The Year hit in mid-2000 to rave reviews and the album’s infectious title track garnering airplay on some of the planets biggest alternative stations. Stupid Fat Americans EP was released as a Japanese exclusive the next year. Then came the 2003 release ofzebrahead‘s critically acclaimed MFZB that garnered the highest testing alternative song for months running with Rescue Me,” the album went gold in Japan!  The band spent the summer of 2006 on the Vans Warped Tour and Broadcast To The World was released, and went gold in Japan in just a month’s time. In 2008 the band released Phoenix with a warning from Absolute Punk listen with caution as your face may melt right off of your head.”  Panty Raid followed in 2009, Get Nice in 2011, and Call Your Friends in 2013.

Way More Beer, a live CD/DVD filmed in Koln, Germany was released in 2014 and captured the true chaos and energy of the zebrahead experience.  A year later the band celebrated their 20th anniversary with re-recorded classics album titled, zebrahead – The Early Years – Revisited. That same year they also wrote and recorded “Out of Control” with friends Man with A Mission a collaborative EP from both bands with the title track used as the theme song for the movie Mad Max (Fury Road), and later that year came Walk The Plank. In 2017 the band released The Bonus Brothers, an album comprised of import only bonus tracks.

Since their incarnation this band of brothers has shared highs and lows, sold over 2 million albums to date, survived label and lineup changes and earned a Grammy nomination from a collaboration with Motorhead.



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