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BLIGH has released a new single called ‘Nissan Patrol’.

Alt pop band Bligh from the Gold Coast (Aus) has released a coming of age song reminiscent of the ‘P’ days called ‘Nissan Patrol’. Elliott Baylis, lead vocalist explains that the song “It captures that bittersweet period when you gain your first taste of freedom with a P-plate, but you’re too young to go anywhere and too broke to do anything,” I have fond memories of my time when on my 18th birthday getting my ‘P’s but then having no money to drive. Spending time in my car with my mates were some of the best times of my youth. ‘Nissan Patrol’ captures perfectly the essence of the formative years of being in your late teens and falling in love while driving. The song sound is catchy musically and lyrically. Bligh are certainly one of Australia’s most talented young indie bands and their single Mrs Jones was reviewed by me that you can read here. This song broke the top 10 on triple j Unearthed. I look forward to see how ‘Nissan Patrol’ goes. It deserves to climb all the charts! Take a listen here. 


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