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Bask In The Glory Of As Strange As Angels

As Strange As Angels - Norman Matthew-a

When Norman Matthew opened the conversation with “I’m a talker”, I knew this would be a long in-depth interview.  I just didn’t know exactly where we would wander together while discussion a broad range of topics.  His candor and spirit led the way.  He is incredibly charismatic and definitely made the rainy afternoon brighter.

I asked how he landed upon the name As Strange As Angels, it seemed quite familiar.  “Some say it’s genius, some may say I ripped off the Cure.  I’m a huge Cure fan, but I didn’t make the connection until after the fact.  For a few years I totally wanted to do it.  I really wanted to do a side project one day something that was like nothing else I had ever done.  I had this name Strange As Angels .  I was mixing the first single we ever did which was called “Waves” with this guy named Chris Dalton. He was like ‘Dude, you should put as in front of it and call it  As Strange As Angels’.

It has been a while since Norman has been in the public eye.  Running his music school, The Sound Foundation has kept him pretty busy, but his hardest job is being a parent – a role he finds incredibly important.  So much so  that he walked away from Murder FM and touring in 2016 amid a devastating divorce to make sure young Dex had his Dad around. You can feel his excitement when he talks about his son.  He does not regret a second of it.  He related how he decided to make this mini “comeback”.   “He (Dex) was playing on his drums one day.  He just looked up and said ‘daddy, get your guitar.  You  can’t turn that down.  Next thing I know we are jamming.”  This was an inspiration for what Norman refers to as “Heart Rock”.  Music that comes directly from his heart.  His son first performed with him onstage at three years old.  ” It’s such an amazing thing to share that, sharing the legacy.”  I agreed having done something similar myself.  Norman shared that his son once told him “I’m your biggest fan, Daddy’.

The first single “Mirror Mirror” is catchy and full of the soul that has been lacking in the music industry of late.  It is easy to see, that while his choice to walk away was challenging, it has yielded life dividends that come through in the music.

ASAA - Mirror Mirror EP Cover - 2400x2400 (1)


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