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Bastien releases single called ‘Fallin’.

Bastien has loved music since he was very young. Although he knew deep down he wanted to be an artist he went off to College like his peers but then decided to follow his passion. Glad he did! I don’t keep count but I think that Bastien is the first Romanian to be featured on Music Injection. Bastien explains the frustration he had when his sound was not accepted.

 “The problem with singing lessons was, that I always wanted to sing songs differently from the original. But nobody understood that. Later, when I started working on my own songs with some Romanian mainstream producers, I had the same problem. I showed them what kind of music I would like to do, but they didn’t think it could be successful in Romania.” 

Bastien now makes his music for him and his way. He finds it helps him get through the bad days. This is the reason I listen to music. Writing ‘Fallin’ with his mate and producer Stefan Merz they decided to write a song to be supportive to a friend going through a hard time. Bastien explains that ‘Fallin’ is about how people don’t want to be seen as weak and admit that life is tough. Great concept for a song. ‘Fallin’ is an incredible song, not just meaning wise but sound wise. It is catchy and a real ear worm. I love Bastien’s vocals, they almost sound so effortlessly sang. It is certainly a song that I would be happy to share with someone who needs support. Take a listen to this deep electro pop / r´n`b track here. 







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