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EUVOIA releases new single ‘VISITOR’.

EUVOIA is a creator of music for people who like to listen to music that makes them think. EUVOIA would like us to listen and realise that we are all unique and beautiful in our own right. ‘Visitor’ is the latest single. It is a song about what haunts us and that these things are called visitors. It could be depression, anxiety, addiction, insecurities and could be anything. The song explores the concept of these things not being made welcome, so they are not part of our home, they are visitors. I admire this concept for a song. Singing a long the lyrics are changing the way I think about an issue that plagues me. The things that drag us down should not live with is, they should just be visiting and they are not welcome. ‘Visitor’ not only has an admirable meaning but it is a catchy song. I love the vocals especially in the chorus. EUVOIA invites us to fight for the chance to be the person we want to be. While thinking about this…. listen to ‘Visitor’ on repeat here.


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