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Kin Crew x BRDGS release single called ‘IJNY’.

Electronic/hip-hop duo Kin Crew from Halifax are poised for a huge 2019. Last year saw them win awards and rack up over 1 million streams on line. Kin Crew have teamed up to release songs with artists such as “Niiko x SWAE & LNY TNZ” and work with producers “Niiko x SWAE & LNY TNZ”. Their new single ‘IJNY’ is set to make a splash on the charts. This song features BRDGS who Kin Crew met through friends in ‘Neon Dreams’. Kin Crew were impressed with BRDGS’ talent so they starting working together straight away. I choose ‘IJKY’ for a few reasons. On first listen I was captivated by the vocals, lyrics and music. It is a super smooth contagious song that would sound amazing live. With high energy and great vocal sound this song is one for your fav playlist. Hit prediction from me, not just Canada but the world. Take a listen here. 


Or Choose your fav platform to listen to ‘IJKY’

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