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The Royal Foundry release new single ‘Hopefully’.

The Royal Foundry is made up of married couple Bethany Schumacher and Jared Salte. They were brought up in Alberta in Canada. They formed a folk duo that change in to the Electro-Folk-Pop trio that The Royal Foundry are today.  Along the way they have one awards, prizes such as $75,000 as part of the Peak Performance Project for their song ‘Running Away’. Their music has been used in multiple adverts, and campaigns as well as touring Canada, USA, Germany and Poland. I should mention that this has all happened in two years, a fast paced track to success. Their new single ‘Hopefully’ caught my attention because of the amazing vocals and the intense music that drives the emotions in the song. When I sing a long to ‘Hopefully’ I mean every word I sing. To me that is a song that I have totally connected to. ‘Hopefully’ has so many variations musically that it kept my interest through out the song. The Royal Foundry has what it takes to have much success. Take a listen to ‘Hopefully’ here. 


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