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Dinoise releases debut single ‘Slow Down’.

Dinoise has been singing backing vocals for the Portuguese Rapper “Dengaz”. ‘Slow Down’ surprisingly is the debut single from Dinoise. I say surprisingly as the song sounds like it is from a more seasoned artist. This demonstrates the talent that Di has. Her vocals are super amazing and the song is quite catchy. Talk about getting stuck in your head! But in a good way. Dinoise says this about Slow Down There´s only one battle that we must fight in our lives, is the battle against ourselves, our fears & insecurities!” I must say I agree with her. As music has saved her life many times over, Di would love her music to save others. If asked about what genre her music is she says that it is to make people happy. ‘Slow Down’  was produced by XANDE and recorded in Lisbon, Portugal. Check it out here. 


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