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Restless Minds release single called ‘Flight’.

Aussie band Restless Minds have just released their debut EP called ‘Atlantic’. This EP has their single ‘Flight’ on it. Usually I provide some background info on the band but in Restless Minds case they want to remain as anonymous as possible. Matt from Restless Minds states  “we want to create an element of mystery and anticipation, and to be honest we don’t want attention, or to flash ARIA awards or anything like that – just let the music and the story speak for itself.” 

I like to listen to the music that artists that have submitted music without looking at the Country they are from and not much more info than their name. That way it is ALL about the music. Speaking of this, I better focus on ‘Flight now. This song is a great song if you want to chill out to it. It is a feel good song, mainly because of the music. Incredible piano and gentle drums. Add in the beautiful vocals you have a real gem of a song. Take a listen here. 

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