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Black Match Releases Cathartic New Single “Nowhere”

Photo credit: Richard Fusillo 
Dream Folk Dyad Create Entrancing Single Ahead of Debut Album
Black Match , a dream folk due have released a gem of a single called ‘Nowhere’. With a few seconds of listening to ‘Nowhere’ is was transfixed. With echoing yet strong vocals, a great beat and outstanding guitar picking I knew that I was going to review and share this song. ‘Nowhere’ has an intense sadness about a love that was lost, the song is really relatable. 
Black Match states that “Raw and honest songwriting is most important to us – in a world that is often exploitative and shallow with its words, our goal with this music is to write with real emotion and poetic honesty.” Well they have nailed that with ‘Nowhere’. The heartache that can come with listening to ‘Nowhere’ is intense. 
I rarely say this but I wholeheartedly think that this song has massive hit potential. I encourage you to take a listen to your preference of music platforms  here .


Keep up with Black Match by visiting

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