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The Bergamot release amazing new single called ‘One Mile’.

American indie-folk-rock band The Bergamot consists of husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece. I have been mesmerised by their previous releases and ‘One Mile’ is no exception. It could be because a combination of vocals that when harmonising make stop and get lost in the song. Adding to the beautiful vocals is the speed of the song, a relaxed speed that adds to the urge to put my headphones on and lay back and chill out while listening. ‘One Mile’ has a story behind it, as it is inspired by a 50,000 mile journey. ‘One Mile’ reminds us that we must stick together with lyrics such as “We must, Stand tall, Together we rise, Apart we fall” So true! I can relate this song to my family, my husband plus 2 adult kids with partners. We are a tight knit group that stands together. What the world throws at us, we handle together as a team. ‘One Mile’ also hopes to help people as The US heads to an election cycle. I hope that the 2020 election has a better outcome from the Australian 2019 election. 

A highlight of ‘One Mile’ is the fully animated music video. I get more out of it the more I watch. Super clever! A must watch. 



Check out another single from The Bergamot here

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