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ARI releases debut single called ‘Legacy’.

 ARI has just released an amazing debut song called ‘Legacy’. After playing the  festival circuit Ari Welkom decided to lock himself away and hope that his creative expression flowed. Indeed it did! With his band Shadow The Wild looking like breaking up and him and his wife expecting a new baby, so new beginnings were in the wind. The songs that he wrote make up ARI EP’s that has just been released.
Ari says that the songs are “anthemic and personal’… They are about freedom, redemption, and finding light through the darkness.” ‘Legacy’ is certainly a personal song that is full if moments of introspection. 
‘Legacy’ was written during a car trip a week before Ari’s son was born. The lyrics are certainly thought provoking. Extremely relatable.  I love the music, it drives the point home and remains in my head for a long time after listening. With Ari’s awesome vocals, the meaning and the insanely good music ‘Legacy’ is the full package. As this is his debut single I look forward to hearing more!
In addition, Ari’s debut track releases in conjunction with an exclusive Rolls-Royce video campaign featuring the British luxury automaker’s signature model, GHOST, racing across the California desert. With a strong influence of rock ‘n roll, ARI’s single sets the tone for the ambiguous mastery of design, elegance and technology the Ghost legacy has always embodied.
Check ‘Legacy’ out here. 
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