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Kane Miller releases new single called ‘Sleeping Sea’.

Hey hey!  Kane Miller has released another brilliant song! This offering is called ‘Sleeping Sea’. It amazes me that Kane pick up a guitar and write a beautiful song like ‘Sleeping Sea’. It is a thought provoking song with lyrics ” you are constant in the crazy in this raging sea” and ” there is not a ripple in the water of the sleeping sea’. Kane was part of the “Cabin Sessions” that Grammy Award Winning Songwriter & Producer, Femke Weidema, and Nashville Recording Engineer, Joshua Reynolds came up with. This is when musicians are in a remote cabin for four days and the goal is to write and fully record an EP. Kane’s EP from this session is going to be released as singles. ‘Sleeping Sea’ is the second single off this EP. Once again Kane’s vocals made me fall in love with ‘Sleeping Sea’ and if you listen you will too. 


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