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The Australian Music Association is excited to today announce the 2019 return of the Melbourne Guitar Show, set to rock Caulfield Racecourse on August 3 and 4 – and this year’s show is set to be colossal.  Proudly presented by Triple M and Australian Musician, the lineup boasts an impressive haul of both local and international artists.  In addition to the world-class performances from the artists on the massive lineup, #MGS2019 will also hold a huge gear expo that will feature a gigantic variety of electric and acoustic guitars, effects pedals, amps and more state-of-the-art guitar technology, both home-grown and from around the world.  See, try and buy!  It will continue to be Australia’s biggest guitar pop-up shop, as well as hosting information seminars, demonstrations, and live performances from Australia’s most talented guitarists.


Julian Scheffer tells Jen his top Top 5 Guitarists of all time.
Jimi Hendrix:
Jimi changed the whole thing for me. His fluid transitions between lead and rhythm, in fact a sound that was so full of detail yet seemingly so full of groove mesmerised me. His approach to song form and harmony was unconventional, tough, but so emotive. What a force. There’s always a moment in his compositions where the surprise happens, boom, I didn’t expect that, or wow, did that change key, what the hell happen? His choices where always about the song, the story, never licks and some times he just made these noises, that resembled melodies but were just explosions and electric aesthetics, crazy! If you do one thing in your life, listen to the whole of Crash Landing on a summer morning with someone you love, lying in the sun!
Maybe not a guitarist, but definitely in the brotherhood of strings, this boyish genius made me aware of the options… choices… that note that makes the riff hit you between the eyes, that pause or slide that just makes everyone go… “oooh, hell yeah”. Flea, in my opinion is one of the strongest composers in the band, RHCP. In these rock/punk band environments mostly the song writing process is each musician writes their own parts but there is something in the way flea responds to the other parts that puts him in another stratosphere. His part will lock in with the kick drum at one crucial point, but at the same time fully acknowledge the guitar phrases, maybe its unison, maybe it’s a weaving, circling part that just makes the whole texture of the ensemble make sense. 
Doug de Vries:
Melbourne guitarist Doug de Vries is an inspiration. Many know him as an expert in Brazilian music but the thing that they might not know is he is a human anthology of songs and a master of accompaniment. I been seeing Doug play since I was a teenager and have seen him play for hours with no charts playing gigs in the style soul, jazz, blues, latin, you name it, catering for singers who want the key changed, adapting to any situation, using his ears of gold to follow and respond to the music. Not only does he have 100s of songs memorised, he can hear the next chord coming. He can modestly sit back all night on chords or if required floor the audience with his masterful intros, burning solos and confidently smiling through the whole show. 
Yamandu Costa:
Yamandu is a guitarist from the south of Brazil. His name in Tupi-guarani, an indigenous language from the region, means “the precursor of the waters of the world”. He plays the guitar in a way that makes you feel there is no separation between the man and the instrument and he is responding to things that are celestial, big things, powerful things. Initially his technique and his fluency will shock you and drive you crazy, but the more you listen, you realise this is only a tool with which he tells a musical story. His music is born out of expression and emotion. As a composer he is genius, seamlessly weaving music from a great many styles from South America. He is a composer without borders, without limitations. 
Paco de Lucia:
Paco was the reason I moved from steel to nylon! He was a breathtakingly gifted musician! An innovator! The wisdom and dedication was evident in his music and he elevated the flamenco guitar to a concertised form and became a global ambassador for the music and the guitar. The thing that makes my soul smile is the image of a young Paco practising night and day. I imagine a young boy in the cool of an Andalucian home, the heat of the day kept at bay by the stone and brick structure, a single chair, the bright snap of strings, the scales, the practice routine, a half drunk orange juice, the dedication. This, changed my love and approach to the guitar. It allowed me to dream about having that power come from a modestly acoustic wooden box with strings. It spoke of possibilities. It changed the way I play.
More info about #MGS2019

The first lineup announcement for #MGS2019 includes a fantastic mix of guitar talent including Keith Merrow and Dennis Jones, both from the USA, who will join the eclectic and star-studded local list, which this year features: Ash Grunwald, Sarah McLeod, Dave Leslie, Lloyd Spiegel, Stars (featuring Mal Eastick, Nick Charles, and Roger McLachlan), plus Minnie Marks, Phil Manning, Anna Scionti, Chris Finnen, James Norbert Ivanyi, Cartridge Family feat Sarah Carroll and Suzanna Espie, Jeremy Barnes, Simon Hosford’s Fair Warning (who will be playing the entire Van Halen debut album), Michael Dolce, James Ryan, Charlie Bedford, Shannon Bourne and heaps more.  Hit up the Melbourne Guitar Show website for the latest show additions.


“I’m so stoked to be a part of the Melbourne Guitar Show this year!” enthuses Ash Grunwald. “I’m incredibly excited to be unveiling something I’ve been collaborating on which has been a lifelong dream of mine.”


Drawing thousands of guitar lovers and enthusiasts to the 2018 Melbourne Guitar Show, #MGS2019 is growing year on year and is gearing up for the biggest event yet.  Champion of the Australian music products industry, Australian Music Association (AMA) will be teaming up with and presenting sponsors Triple M, 3PBS, Beat, Mixdown and Noise11 to present this year’s guitar-centric weekend.  At last year’s show, punters not only enjoyed scheduled performances and demos from the awesome artists on the lineup, but also witnessed surprise on-stand appearances from some of Australia’s finest artists, including Harts, Darren Middleton (Powderfinger), Bec Sandridge, Dan Sultan and many more.  Both the organisers and the exhibitors are constantly wrangling acts right up until the very last minute – and who will be joining the all-star jam this year? Come on down and find out!


Thrilled to present #MGS2019 once again, AMA executive officer and MGS organiser, Rob Walker says, “It’s exciting to see the show develop each year and add value to the live music industry.  We are proud to present such a broad range and quality of guitars, amps and gear from the big brands to local artisans.  And each year we get to put together a program of live music featuring the considerable talents of our guitar community.  It’s a great weekend for anyone into music, particularly guitars.”


Rob continues, “And not only will the #MGS2019 provide a hands-on chance to see and play such a broad range of gear, there’ll be bargains a plenty.  We like to call it Australia’s biggest pop up guitar store!”


The Melbourne Guitar Show will be held at Caulfield Racecourse on August 3 and 4.


Tickets are on sale June 7 from


The Melbourne Guitar Show is produced by the Australian Music Association, an incorporated not-for-profit. Proceeds, if any, are used to provide services to the Australian music products industry, particularly the promotion of music making to the community.


Online ticket prices when pre-ordered:: Adult day pass $20, adult weekend pass $30, family day pass $40, concession day pass $10, concession weekend pass $15





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