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Run River North release new single ‘Wake Up’.

Photo Credit Natasha Wilson

Run River North are an alternative Los Angeles-based group consisting of Alex Hwang (guitar/vocals), Daniel Chae (guitars/vocals), and Sally Kang (keys/vocals). They have a strong bond that is based on trust which makes a great environment to write music. 

Run River North decided to expand on what they have already released and sought out different ways to create music. They decided to collaborate with Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio), Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi (Grouplove), Chris Chu (POP ETC) and Nick Anderson (The Wrecks). This was to begin working on a project that would see them work towards their biggest visions and highest hopes. In the collab sessions it dawned on Run River North that they really had the chance to make music and be proud of it. The song that came out of these sessions is called ‘Wake Up’. 

‘Wake Up’ is a great song to listen to. It is fresh and playful. I adore the vocals, especially when all three are singing. The music is catchy and a real ear worm. The song has a real laidback vibe to it. The song definitely has what it takes to climb the charts. Take a listen here to see what you think.  

Official Site | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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