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Lollapalooza Festival in Sweden review.

Festival name: Lollapalooza

Where: Gärdet, Stockholm, Sweden

When: 28-30th of june 2019

Genre: Mixed

Reviewer Sophie Calbrant

Famous artist/bands: Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, Travis Scott, Bring Me The Horizon, Foo Fighters

It’s summer in Sweden and that means festival season for all music lovers. And about a week ago the doors opened to Lollapalooza here in Stockholm, Sweden. For those of you who don’t know about the festival, it’s a Chicago founded family festival that has made it to lots of countries all over the world throughout the years. Sweden was the last country added to the list and even before the three day festival was over it was already decided that the festival will be held here again next year! Excited!

Due to financial problems and festivals closing down here in Sweden I haven’t been to a proper festival for years. Fingers crossed Lollapalooza will survive for awhile since we are all so excited for a new one to be held in our beautiful capital! It was around 56.000 people at the festival during these three days, which may not sound a lot to readers from other cities over the world but for Stockholm, it’s a good number. 

This festival had it all. Three days filled with artists and bands playing from noon til midnight each day and with something for everyone. They had an app with information, a map over the area and a schedule for the different stages. I think the schedule was put together nicely since people, like myself, can enjoy different genres of music and want to make it to see and enjoy multiple shows. I managed to plan my days around my regular day job pretty well. I saw a few favorites of mine I’ve seen before, some I saw for the very first time and some I didn’t even know about until this festival. It turned out to be a great mix!


I definitely enjoyed Yungbluds set. I didn’t know about him until recently but I can tell he’s good live.  He plays everything from alternative rock to hiphop and doesn’t like or want to be labeled. He has such a great energy on stage and can really take a crowd. He kissed his guitarist, poured water over the crowd, smashed his guitar into the speakers and danced around using every centimeter of the stage. It was energetic and loud to say the least. He played his new single Parents and the lyrics makes me wonder if he writes from himself or not?! I need to look more into this soon to be 22-year old. He’s from Doncaster, England and you can hear his accent coming through when he sings, which I find quite charming even though the lyrics itself is far from it.


Another brit is the frontman of Bring Me The Horizon – Oli Sykes. I’ve seen them one time before and I think they are great live. This show was even better than the last since my interest for the band has grown bigger with time. Their smoke and fire machines made it difficult for us photographers to get good pictures and it was so hot(!) I had to take a few steps back. But for the crowd, I’m sure it was an amazing show with lots of visual effects and levels.

One of the biggest names for the festival that brought everyone their together was: Billie Eilish. She was phenomenal and she put on a great performance all together. She moved around on stage and did a few dance moves. The crowd screamed loud when she stood with the back towards us and bent her back so she could look at us – like something from a horror movie – we know she’s into creepy things like that!

In contrast to this performance was Lana Del Ray dressed like a bride to be on her wedding day. It was all done with class and such a different feeling than the horror like one Billie gave us. The contrasts are beautiful and their artistry and passion for music is coming through but in their own personal ways of putting on a show. Highlight of the show was Summertime sadness without a doubt. Her vocals was sensitive and beautiful. The crowd was in trance during her performance. Magical.

Greta Van Fleets frontman surprised me with his vocals. He managed to take some incredibly high notes typical for the rock’n’roll scene. Amazed by him. They had a pretty light show during their set and was the biggest surprise of the festival for me personally.

Biggest name of the festival was Foo Fighters. The old Nirvana drummer who started his own band and made it big. He is considered a rock legend and he definitely put on a show. The founder of Lollapalooza Perry Farrell. The frontman of Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl – invited him up on stage. Dave also spotted a paramedics in the crowd that took care of him when he broke his foot during his latest show in Sweden back in 2015. He fell off stage and broke his foot. The paramedic fixed his foot and the show could go on. They sang My Hero together which was a beautiful moment, because I’m sure this paramedic was a hero not only to Dave Grohl but to every fan at that show that made it possible for him to continue on.

After all, music is a magical thing and I’m happy I got to share this experience of mine with you all! 



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