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The Honest Heart Collective drop single called ‘Fine’.

The Honest Heart Collective is made up of brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald. Their formation was during a moment at a Springsteen concert. I love their latest single called ‘Fine’. That word definitely has two meanings. It is a word where we describe ourselves no matter how we are feeling. ‘Fine’ explores how the more that people say that are ‘Fine’ it means that they really are not fine. I really love the vocal sound in ‘Fine’ and the music really makes the song interesting and supportive of the lyrics. I think ‘Fine’ would be a great song to listen in the car, perhaps trying to get up courage to tell a mate that you don’t think that he/she is fine. ‘Fine’ is a good reminder to check on mates, not just on “are you OK day” but everyday. 


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