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La Dispute with Sports Bra Review by Jordan Sibberas

The Triffid, Brisbane – 20/09/2019


On the back of releasing their fourth studio album, Panorama, hardcore five-piece La Dispute took to Australia to bring the array of beautiful new songs, as well as a slew of essential fan favourites from past albums, to Aussie fans.

Opening the night was the lively Sydney quartet, Sports Bra. They channelled a huge stage presence through raw charisma, a charming minimalist aesthetic, and an attitude that would fit right in on a Scott Pilgrim battle of the bands. Sports Bra appear to be a rare example of a band for who the joy of performance and music come first; they genuinely had smiles on the faces of all in attendance, which was a pleasantly large crowd at this point for so early on a workday.

Picture 2

Then, La Dispute took to the stage, opening with ROSE QUARTZ/FULTON STREET (I & II) to the rapture of fans. From the moment the punk-driven percussion kicked in, the whole band, and crowd was off. Watching the rapport between this passion-driven band, and their engaged fanbase, was truly a pleasure to behold in of itself.

Musically, La Dispute were also in fine form. The guitars rung out clear and crisp like the facets of the fine gems their latest era draws on for image, and the bass and drums were pummelling every chest and nodding every head. And like a man possessed, Jordan Dreyer was relentless in his delivery. Pausing only to allow the crowd gathered in his palm to punctuate certain lines, he refused to stop moving, dancing, swinging his arms, spinning, and above all, delivering vocally from the heart, from the start of the set to the moment the last notes of the harrowing King Park rang out.

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La Dispute have been kind to fans on this tour, stopping at no less than 15 venues along their trek, and although the Triffid may not have been the smallest, they brought a unique intimacy to a room that threatens to swallow bands who can’t engage. That wasn’t a concern; Jordan had every eye on himself and every mouth singing along, like we were all in 2003 and a punk band was tearing apart our mum’s lounge room.

If you haven’t caught La Dispute, it isn’t too late; see tickets link and remaining dates below.

Tickets available from:



Over the past decade LA DISPUTE has been responsible for some of the most uncompromising, experimental music and have carved a reputation as one of post-hardcore’s most singular voices.

From their 2008 debut (in their current formation) Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, to 2011’s Wildlife, to 2015’s Rooms of the HouseLA DISPUTE have continually pushed themselves to find new ways to portray some of the most difficult and universally affecting subject matters and have developed a sound that, while constantly evolving, is unmistakably theirs.

Their brand new album Panorama is perhaps LA DISPUTE’s most diverse so far, carried by their strength as musicians both individually and as a unit. It’s another chapter in a discography that tells everyday stories in a remarkable way and “Put simply, Panorama is another outstanding release from a truly special band.” – Kerrang

Announcing their first headline tour of Australia in over 5 years, LA DISPUTE will be playing a whopping 15 shows across Australia. The band go out of their way to make sure their shows are safe places where people can gather together, take care of each other while we listen to live music…it feels more like a privilege than ever.

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