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Furlong release new single ‘Eloquently’.

Aussie Alternative rockers Furlong are based in my hometown of Melbourne. An international band, an Aussie, a New Zealander and a Brit, they have been busy these last 3 years playing the bars of Melbourne. Recently they just released an amazing new song called ‘Eloquently’. This song picked up my interests due to my love of 90’s alt rock scene as the sound reminded me of those good old days. I was also impressed by the high energy music and the unique sounding vocals. The lyrics slowly expose the meaning of the song. They explore the one sided relationship that people stay in even though they know that they are not loved and they need to have it said to their face… eloquently. Check out this gem of a song called ‘Eloquently’ here.


If you are in Melbourne, you can catch Furlong at the St Kilda’s Esplanade Hotel on the 5th of October.

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