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Baby Metal Surfs a Huge Wave of Sold Out Shows

Photo Courtesy of Amuse Inc. Photo Courtesy of Amuse Inc

If you have not heard of the Japanese kawaii metal band, Baby Metal, the chances are you are not under 30 or not a metal fan.  Truth is, I had not either until just a few years ago when Rob Zombie was playing several festivals with them and was posting about it.  I thought I would give them a listen because how could anyone Rob Zombie liked be bad, right?  Blown away falls seriously short of my  reaction.  Fronted by three, girls, typically in black pleather and pig tails, this band has a hard hitting metal pop sound and tons of energy.  To quote one of the people perched on the railing awaiting them, “It is more than three hot girls singing metal”.  It does not surprise me they were playing to a sold out show at the Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado in support of their new album Metal Galaxy.

When the band comes out it is important to note there is a certain anonymity to the rest of the band.  The musicians all wear masks and generic costumes making it hard to know who exactly is playing.  All of your attention is directed to the girls.  I hadthink that is unfortunate as the musicians are incredibly talented as well.

Smoke, lights, video screens, all of it geared towards much larger venues, still seemed to work well in the smaller size stage. This speaks volumes about the crew who are given the daunting task of setting up the show and making it fit no matter where it goes.  The fact they do not sing in English ( Except for one song they recorded in 2016, “The One”) did not phase the crowd.  Metal horns mean the same thing in any language.  This was by far, one of the best live shows in a small indoor venue that I have seen in a while.  It is difficult to translate engery from a large festival into a theater, but this group did it with such ease I am left wondering why so few other acts are able to do so.  Baby Metal should definately be on a must see show list.

Upcoming US Shows include a stop at Monster Aftershock.

2019.10.13 [Sun] Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA

Aftershock 2019


2019.10.11 [Fri] Inglewood, CA USA / The Forum

2019.10.15 [Tue] Portland, OR / Roseland Theater

2019.10.16 [Wed] Seattle, WA / The Paramount Theatre

baby metal _1

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

REVIEW BY: Metallicougar (Belinda Glass Reedy)



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