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The Eiffels release new music video for their single called ‘Spin Around’.

Indie rock/pop band The Eiffels has released a music video for ‘Spin Around’ that has caught my attention. ‘Spin Around’ has an amazing sound, huge contagious hooks that make me want to get up and dance. For me ‘Spin Around’ is 3 minutes of pure gold and the music video makes the single even better. The video is super colourful with neon changing lights and high energy from the band members. ‘Spin Around’ was actual written after they scrapped another single that The Eiffels were not happy with. I am glad that they made that decision! The music video was shot in The Dark Knight‘s ‘Batcave although the band did not realise thill after. Take a look at The Eiffels music video for ‘Spin Around’ here. You will not be disappointed. 

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