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STAL releases single called ‘Stay Strong’.

It has been a year since I shared a STAL song. You can check out that review here. 

Meaning steel in many languages STAL is a great name for a band. Drawing on previous experience Maulini AKA STAL know wants to explore the world of music and for the first time he has joined up with another producer, Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Mutemath, Thrice) to become STAL.

STAL has an upcoming EP called ‘Shades of Truth’ that will be out in February 2020. He has also kept busy by moving between Paris and LA and writing music for ads, movies and even a personal discography. Stal’s single ‘Stay Strong’ is a song that is inspired but the rate of teenage suicide increasing from bullying. Maulini struggles with weight issues and there were years where he could not accept himself and feel confident. His goal with ‘Stay Strong’ is to get the message out that you are indeed not alone and there is hope if you can just stay strong. I really like the song as it is cleverly written with very meaningful lyrics. Music is powerful and I hope that this song gets out to the world and the teenagers who need to hear it. Take a listen to ‘Stay Strong’ here. 



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